• Happy Family Workshop

    Parenting is Tough!


    Have you ever felt weary? Wondered if you’re doing the right thing? Thought that there must be a better way? If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place!


    So many fabulous parents are increasingly finding themselves caught in a battle of wills. All you want is for your children to put their shoes on, do their homework or whatever... but they're having none of it! So now what do you do?


    What often happens next is that tempers rise and here’s a touch of shouting and screaming as the non-compliant child has a field-day. Meanwhile parental frustration that it’s all just so difficult goes through the roof. In time, this may lead to arguments and strained relationships. But it doesn’t need to be like that. There is a much better way.




    Parents, are doing their best to raise well-rounded, happy children who are ready to take their place in the world. What children absorb along the way, particularly from their time in the family unit, will have a deep and lasting impact on their future. However, for many families something’s going wrong. It’s all too difficult.


    From mini-battles over socks and homework, to family members getting upset, that’s absolutely not what life’s all about!


    THE HAPPY FAMILY WORKSHOP will help you understand the root cause of the problems you are facing and equip you with the knowledge and skills to move towards the Happy Family you now want.




    In this introductory workshop you will learn:

    • How Humans communicate and behave - especially when stressed
    • What drives children to do the things they do
    • Ways of dealing with each family member - in a way that works for them
    • Family Personality Types - who you have in your family and what makes each person special
    • How to have a Better, Smoother, Happier Family Life.

    We're also going to touch on the serious issue of what can cause a child to become distressed and what to do about it.


    You’ll learn a fantastic way of stepping out of the shouting loop and there will be loads of time for questions and for working on your own family situation.




    I believe that Parents deserve the best and that's why I have designed a totally supportive workshop in a beautiful hotel. There’s plenty of time allowed for focusing on your needs and I guarantee that you will leave feeling excited about the future.


    You'll leave with a clear plan of action setting out the steps to take and techniques and tips to use, that will transform both your experience and that of your family.


    Begin building the Happy Family Life you always dreamt of!


    Come along to the next HAPPY FAMILY WORKSHOP

    29th October 2018. Romsey Hampshire


    **Spaces are limited to 20

    The Happy Family Workshop for Parents, Grandparents

    and Carers

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