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    significant emotional event

    You've suffered a Trauma...

    So, you're going along nicely until something happens that throws you completely. It could be a relationship split, a Work, health or finance issue, it could be needing to care for someone who relies on you. Whatever it is, the residue can disrupt your whole life.


    How can we help? We talk gently about the event, and find out how it's affecting you now. Using transformation techniques we release the Trauma. This gives you really meaningful shifts that allow you o change your life. You'll be instantly rejuvenated and looking forward to a better future.

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    If there's something you keep doing or something that keeps happening to you...

    If you're stuck in a situation that disempowers you to take action or if you're anxious with behaviours around you or you're having trouble with certain people - we can help. You don't even have to know what the problem is. It's just that life is like wading through treacle!


    How can we help? In a 3-4 hour immersion session we uncover the root cause of the problem you're experiencing and the emotions attached to it and we clear them all. This allows you to make better and different decisions to create the life you want. Things that used to be difficult suddenly stop affecting you.
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    "If you can dream it, you can do it "- said Walt Disney - and in my experience, it's true.


    Our fabulous Coaching programme

    We start by checking out all areas of your life - Health, Finances, Relationships, Career, Family, etc.. - to see how you're doing. Concentrating first on things that could be better now, we look at your values and you'll see how what you're doing is being supported by your old beliefs.


    It's totally liberating when you realise that achieving you full potential is totally within your grasp and there's a way to create the life you want..


    You'll feel supported all the way. Call on 078 3638 6375 to find out how.

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