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    Reclaiming Control

    hat The UK Gambling and Gaming Industries have changed significantly over the last decade. Advances in new technology and the changing nature of our High Streets have impacted on the access to and advertising of gambling services in the UK.


    The combination of betting shops on every High Street, casinos in most cities open 24/7 and mobile gaming, a tech-savvy generation of young people is facing a massive rise in advertising and many more young people are participating in gambling and social gaming than ever before. Statistics show that they are particularly at risk of an addiction that could affect their whole life.

    A huge stigma around gambling makes it hard for young people and families to seek help - even when realise the problem is out of control.


    We believe it is important to educate young people, helping them make informed decisions around their social gaming or gambling activity - just as we educate young people about safe sex or responsible drinking.


    I am a qualified practitioner with the charity YGAM. As I am also a therapist and coach, I can help at any point.


    It's a brutal truth that gambling is bringing people to their knees and costing lives. Speaking to people about how their addiction began and grew, many will cite apparently harmless gaming as the first trigger.


    To ask about confidential help, please call me on 020 8213 5898


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