• Teenage Mental and Emotional Health

    It can be tough growing up!



    Age Groups 9 - 24


    There are extensive waiting lists for a referral to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services [CAMS]. You don't have that time if your child is suffering.


    Mental and Emotional Health are key factors in how successful children will become as adults and a missing element can be Resilience. We work with children and young people who are exhibiting anxiety. They may have self-esteem, and identity issues. We teach them how to survive and thrive.



    How do we do it:

    • We find out what triggered the anxiety etc. Generally, there was a time BEFORE it started and then something happened, and they experienced anxiety from that moment on.
    • We take them through three models that explain how we experience life and what happens in a crisis.
    • We give them the skills to be resilient and show them a compelling future free from anxiety.

    If your child is struggling, we can see them quickly and our services are highly effective.


    Life is a journey and no matter what the future holds, wherever they go and whatever they do, we help give young people the very best start in life.


    If your child is suffering, or if you want to know how best to support them, contact us now using the form below to arrange a call with Caroline.

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