• How It Works

    We recommend our 3-MONTH RESOLVE PROGRAMME, which allows time to focus on the special problems you face

    and we make your life easier


    There are times in everyone's life when things don't go to plan, when it seems extra hard to cope. And being a Carer can be just such a situation. There's no one else. You may feel trapped, it's not looking good and it could be like this for years...


    We get to the root cause of the anxieties, disappointments and guilt you face and put you back in control of your life.


    Many people report startling improvements in dealing with situations and problem that had previously seemed insurmountable. Oher report that they feel more empowered within themselves. You will become fantastically resilient and you'll feel GREAT.


    MONTH 1

    Starts with a

    1/2 day immersion session, to work on your specific challenges.


    MONTH 2

    We work through the RESOLVE model and empower you to cope.



    Month 3 + Ongoing

    Check progress. My aim is to make you self sufficient and we make sure you're happy.

  • the resolve model

  • The RESOLVE Model

    What's critical for you to Resolve now?

    We leave no stone unturned as we help you,

    THE REALITY OF CARING: We look at your life; including what's working well and the impact of Caring.


    THE REALITY FOR A LOVED-ONE: We take a look at the future; including the needs of the person you're caring for and the likely prognosis.


    EMOTIONS: We release emotions that are getting in the way and plan for a good future.


    PRACTICAL: We look at how you're going to cope; practically and financially.


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