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    You're important too...

    "When your Life Conditions exceed your Mind's Capacity to meet them,

    you suffer Stress and anxiety."


    Successful caring is a complex process that is helped by having the essentials in place from the beginning; including looking after yourself.


    How can we help? This is a great time to get things right! We start by looking at the Life Conditions you are facing and seeing how they fit into your life and your work. Then we identify the gaps are that are causing you stress and put the steps in place to make it easier. We help you find your voice and gather a team around you that you can call on to help you.


    Elderly Parent, Spouse or Child?

    "Care within the family means a change for everyone

    and needs careful control." 


    Being a working-carer is very special but needs careful balancing else it can lead to relationship problems; and your. children can miss your undivided attention. More than a quarter of people experience ill-health, brought by the financial, emotional and physical strain of being a Family Carer.

    How can we help? First we have a conversation about what your greatest challenges are and consider how to handle them differently to bring elements of wellbeing back into your life now. Then we move on to the practicalities of the working-carer role and how to make your life more manageable.


    Three Steps to a better future

    You will uncover the real challenges you face and be empowered to cope.


    1. A full half-day Immersion Session to look at the situation you face, or are likely to face - which is probably complex.. Content includes:

    1. Your current situation
    2. Emotions that are getting in the way
    3. What care is needed and the help you need in order to provide it
    4. Strategies to make life easier
    5. Positive Actions to make a difference

    2. Telephone support on issues arising


    3. Pocket Coach - Tips to keep you on track


    There's always a way through that will make your situation better. We use NLP and many other coaching skills to help you; the Resolve Model for Carers will keep us on track.


    You'll feel supported all the way.


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  • 5 things to put in place when you become a Carer

    5 things to put in place when you become a Carer

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