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    “One in eight people in the UK (that’s 6.5 million) are currently combining paid work with unpaid caring responsibilities.” [Article from Zara Ross, Chief Executive at BEN].

    This means that in any organisation employing 100 people, there are likely to be at least 12 carers. In addition, a total of 625,000 people are experiencing mental and physical ill health as a direct consequence of the stress and physical demands of carers. And I would suggest the number can only rise.

    For each and every carer, these are discouraging and potentially devastating figures for their career. Reality is that staff can present as cool as cucumber at work but face insurmountable difficulties at home that are never spoken about. Inevitably, for some this takes a toll that causes them to resign.

    We work with employers to empower their caring staff to be able to cope. We build up their resilience and give them the power to speak up within their family and beyond, to muster help and share out the burden.


    We work In business in two ways: Training and 1-on-1 Coaching


    ENABLING WORKING CARERS is a one-day workshop for staff who need and want to maintain their career but have someone in their family who needs increasing care. These are valued members of staff and supporting them to stay at work can be critical for themselves and for their employer.


    Click here if you would like to be sent further information on this course.



    COPING AT THE SHARP END is a one-day workshop for Care Professionals in Residential Homes and Care Agencies. The course gives delegates the skills, strategies and resources they need to handle pressure wherever it is coming from. Contact us for more information if you are interested in in this course.



    COACHING is a 1-on-1 option that can make a huge difference to the person’s ability to cope. We recommend a 3-session package. Coaching is more direct and is especially useful to help with existing or severe problems.


    If you have staff in this position, call us now for more information.


    Please call Caroline on 020 8213 5898 and ask about our Working Carer Solutions.

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