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    empowering staff to cope

    Resilience and Duty of Care


    We train staff in Service Organisations who serve, enforce or otherwise liaise with customers or the general public. The course covers handling anger and abuse and lone working. It demonstrates duty of care.


    Coping at the Sharp End has been helping organisations and staff for over 20 years. It specifically helps staff survive the onslaught of demands from the public; many of whom can be rude.


    The course begins with Staff noticing how they can be affected by other people's reactions and we teach them to maintain a state of calm readiness. Then we give them the skills to look after themselves and work as a team to maximise safety.


    It's not uncommon that one course leads to several more as, increasingly, staff ask to attend.


    We help business in two ways: Training and 1-on-1


    COPING AT THE SHARP END is the Service and Lone Worker safety course. We also have variants for Care Professionals in Residential Homes and Care Agencies. The course gives delegates the skills, strategies and resources they need to handle the pressure and do a good job.


    Click here if you would like to be sent further information on this course.


    ONE-ON-ONE makes a huge difference to an individual's ability to cope. It covers anger in particular and behavioural responses that are not helpful. If you have Staff who are struggling with something, call us now for more information.


    Please call Caroline on 020 8213 5898 and ask about our Lone Working Solutions.

    How does this work?

    1. We meet to understand your needs


    2. We adapt the course to meet your requirements 


    3. You Identify staff groups to be trained


    4. We run the training

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