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    July 3, 2019 · Working Carer,Carer
    HOPE FOR THE WORKING-CARER As a business owner, Director or Manager, imagine an employee booking an appointment to see you, and when they arrive, they say: And imagine you being able to say to them, with confidence, “I can help you with that!”.  Just how fantastic would that be? Because...
    BEING A WORKING CARER IS LIKE A MILITARY CAMPAIGN ATTENTION! STAND BY YOUR BEDS: ONE-TWO, ONE-TWO, ONE-TWO… I’ve been watching programmes on the Normandy Landings. One interview was with someone who was in the Army. He was talking about the amazing feat of getting everything together at the...
    The Child Wellbeing Spectrum One of the challenges of being a Family Coach is seeing parents asking themselves ‘WHY’ something has gone wrong. WHY is my child suffering from anxiety? WHY is my child having trouble communicating? WHY does my child shout uncontrollably at us? The answer is...
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