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    Changing Behaviours Through all the ups and downs of life, have you ever felt you are in a ‘Hopeless Situation’? Well, it’s true, that however hopeless, there are some situations in life you just have to get on with. You may be the only one to solve the situation, the right person for the job -...
    Siblings who suddenly find themselves in the ‘carer’ role Here’s a story about two siblings who suddenly found themselves in the ‘carer’ role Very sadly, Father passed. He was in hospital after a nasty fall and only survived for a few days after. The doctors say that Mother has dementia – all...
    How do you react to Stress? You may have heard that it's Stress Awareness month, so I thought I'd share some insight on Stress. My Nephew is a Chef – and a very good one, but it’s a stressful job as he has responsibility for serving meals on time and for the overall menu, a huge amount of work...
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