• Meet Caroline D'ay

    Wellbeing Dynamics Managing Director and IGNITION! Master Trainer

    As well as being MD and IGNITION! trainer extraordinaire, Caroline has many other talents!


    She's a Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP , Time-Line Therapy and an inspirational Business Coach. She is also a popular and energising 'Travel Guide' and Master Trainer for IGNITION! Caroline has dedicated over 20 years to empowering adults and young people to transform their lives (as she says, she was only 10 when she started!).


    A Happy Child of any age needs resilience, self esteem and unshakeable inner confidence to be the best and happiest they can be. IGNITION! helps you build this.

    Whether you are a young person, parent, grandparent or carer to a wonderful child, or a professional in child development, Wellbeing Dynamics is here to help you.


    We all want our children to be happy and fulfilled yet sometimes it can seem tricky with all the pressures that are put upon them. At Wellbeing Dynamics we use the IGNITION! programme to build happy, healthy and resilient children that can thrive in any situation.

    From one to one sessions to group training, IGNITION! helps build a journey of personal development and discovery for young people.


    Clients of all ages can expect to laugh a lot, Caroline is fun to work with and the results are amazing as lives are transformed and generations are brought together.

    If you can envision it, Caroline will help you achieve it.

  • What is IGNITION!?

    Personal development and discovery for a happy child

    IGNITION! is a programme of coaching, training, conversation and exploration that empowers young people. The aim is to build confidence, boost self-worth and make informed choices in life. IGNITION! has been created to ensure young people know it doesn't matter where your life began or how it has unfolded. What matters is that you discover who you are, what you're naturally talented at and how to give you life energy and meaning.


    The journey begins with the young person engaging with a 'Travel Guide'. This is any IGNITION! accredited professional - coach, trainer, teacher or youth worker.


    The 'Departure Date' is set and the 'Traveller' (young person) is invited to' Check-in' online. They complete a short multiple-choice quiz which generates their 'Boarding Pass'.

    The online IGNITION! assessment shapes the content of the sessions.

    Used in seven countries across all five continents, IGNITION! has taken the world by storm and is transforming lives across the globe.

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