• Who is Caroline D'ay?

    Master Coach

    Caroline has worked with individuals and members of staff who are carers for their elderly parents. She was also a carer to her father while working.


    What she knows is that caring for someone in the family - full time or as a working carer - is a silent problem. The person who goes round to the house every day, shops, supports, does the washing and the gardening or the person who cares patiently, devotedly, for someone in their own home, doesn't speak out about their needs until it's almost too late.


    Sandwich Generation

    Having dependents at each end of the spectrum - children and elderly parents - can mean you're stretched in both directions. You're a parent, you're working; and now you have care responsibilities too.


    Family Support

    The strain of Caring can bring families closer together or rip them apart and the last thing you want is to find is that while you were at full stretch caring, the family dynamics were going wrong and your children were having problems. Caroline supports the whole family, including teenage anxiety issues.


    Caroline is an experienced Trainer and Coach. She understands the challenges of combining paid employment with unpaid caring. She also understands how it can be a very lonely process W.orking with Caroline means you'll rapidly get your life back in balance and learn how to be resilient and happy. You're in safe hands.


  • Testimonials

    "Caroline has a straight forward and effective approach to enabling and achieving results.


    I have personally experienced her coaching skills on a 1-1 basis and can say with confidence that she is a safe pair of hands.

    As a therapist myself I have been on both sides of the helping relationship and Caroline has excellent skills.


    She has a sound methodology combined with the fluid interpersonal rapport to required for positive change to happen."

    Rebekah Meta Killick,

    Music Therapy Service - Living with Harmony

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