• Who is Caroline D'ay?

    Master Coach

    When I first studied NLP [Neuro-Linguistic Programming], Time-line Therapy and Hypnotherapy, I was entranced by the powerful effects people could experience with these techniques in very few sessions. If you find the root cause of the problem, you're half way to changing it's power over you and you can break free.


    Trauma release is a huge part of the work I do. There's no scale for Trauma. What can be traumatic to you may appear to be quite minor to someone else. But to you, it matters hugely, and that's what matters.

    • One client was so afraid of her ex that she struggled to walk to work in case he harassed her.  In one session we got to the root cause and cleared the problem.  Her life has taken off.  Overnight, she was able to walk openly on the road and has now been promoted to a management position.
    • A successful business person struggled to manage her staff and was prone to tears. One session to free her up, second session to help her cope with other people's emotions.
    • Our one-session phobia treatment is legendary.  Phobias from lifts, to flying to frogs.
    • Young people: power session with the option of Youth Coaching.  Trauma release is very effective here.

    Whatever the situation you face, be it relationships, finances, work or health, you can transform how they affect you.


    Caroline is an experienced Trainer and Coach. She understands the challenges of complex and upsetting issues people face in their lives. She also understands how it can be a very lonely process living with a problem.


    Working with Caroline means you'll rapidly get your life back in balance and learn how to be resilient and happy. You're in safe hands.


  • Testimonials

    "Caroline has a straight forward and effective approach to enabling and achieving results.


    I have personally experienced her coaching skills on a 1-1 basis and can say with confidence that she is a safe pair of hands.

    As a therapist myself I have been on both sides of the helping relationship and Caroline has excellent skills.


    She has a sound methodology combined with the fluid interpersonal rapport to required for positive change to happen."

    Rebekah Meta Killick,

    Music Therapy Service - Living with Harmony

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