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    Siblings who suddenly find themselves in the ‘carer’ role Here’s a story about two siblings who suddenly found themselves in the ‘carer’ role Very sadly, Father passed. He was in hospital after a nasty fall and only survived for a few days after. The doctors say that Mother has dementia – all...
    How do you react to Stress? You may have heard that it's Stress Awareness month, so I thought I'd share some insight on Stress. My Nephew is a Chef – and a very good one, but it’s a stressful job as he has responsibility for serving meals on time and for the overall menu, a huge amount of work...
    Three ways to Wellbeing I’ve been looking at knitting patterns today. Did that give me a sense of Wellbeing? Well no, it gave me a sense of guilt for buying all these patterns and never knitting anything! But, I do like acquiring patterns (it gives me hope that one day I’ll have the lifestyle...
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